More Info About Ribe Bike Tours


What is provided by Ribe Bike Tours?

Ribe Bike Tours provide bikes, refreshments, and the best guide in town! Enquire for helmets (not required by Danish law), children's bikes or other special requests.

What is included in the tour price?

Everything - all stops, entrances, treats, photos and smiles!

Where does my tour start and finish?

We will start as well as finish our voyage near the town centre – at the home of the Ribe Bike Tours at Studio Ribe! It's only 5 minutes from Ribe train station and the address is:

Studio Ribe

Sønderportsgade 21B 6760 Ribe

Is biking safe in Ribe?

Denmark is famous for it's biking culture and as a result a city like Ribe is well-equipped with biking lanes. More importantly there is a very high general bike awareness among drivers. Your guide will give you a proper introduction to your bike as well as the general biking rules before we set out for the day's biking adventure. We have a couple of helmets for those who desire (note that helmets are not required by Danish law - still always recommended by Ribe Bike Tours). Most of the riding is done on designated bicycle paths / lanes and only on occasion do we need to cross a busy road.

Do we need to bring food for the tour? 

We will supply water as well as local specialties & refreshments throughout the tour! We recommend that you have breakfast prior to the morning tour and lunch prior to the afternoon tours as no full meals are provided during the tours.

Can I bring my kids on the tour?

Yes! Please check the age guidelines on the tour descriptions. Though our pace is very moderate it's important that everyone can keep up on our group tours. If you have younger children, we would gladly take you on a special customized private tour! Read more under Private Tours here.

Do the bikes fit me and my group?

Our bikes are all standard size with adjustable seats. We have some kids bikes so if you are planning to bring kids please specify their age and height.

Do I need any insurance?

Yes. Travel insurance is required for all participants on our tours.

What if my plans change after I've booked?

We can only refund a booking 48 hours before the tour start. We do understand though, that last-minute issues can occur and in case of illness or similar we can arrange a re-booking and change of date for your tour.

What are the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions of the tours are outlined on the tour description and on the FAQ page. Please pay attention to the safety disclaimer below.

Safety Disclaimer: Biking is generally very safe in Denmark. We take all ordinary safety procedures and follow the road rules. However, bicycling is an activity that does inherently involve risks of accident. By joining Ribe Bike Tours, you are personally responsible for your own safety. Ribe Bike Tours cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries caused by the participants or the general public. Participants should ensure that they are adequately covered by their own personal insurance or the Danish medical system in the case of an accident.

Can you arrange a special tour for me and my family, my company, my group?

Yes! Our private tour can be arranged in many ways and we are happy to tailor private tours to meet the wishes of your group. Just get in touch on our Contact page and we'll take care of everything.

See you in Ribe soon.