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It was all smiles, fresh air and handmade chocolate from Denmark's west coast with Isabella Group in Ribe in late March.

We recently had the privilege of showing around the largest group we've ever had at Ribe Bike Tours. A wonderful bunch of people from a nearby company who wanted to spend a day together visiting Ribe. And do something different here. With help from the local and hospitable resort Ribe Byferie we sorted out some extra bikes and were good to go.  We had a great time telling stories and showing our guests around town as well as finishing off with special local tasty treats & refreshments...

Great idea for company events or group tours in the Esbjerg Kommune / Ribe / Wadden Sea area.

Ribe Bike Tours - Group 1
Ribe Bike Tours - Group 2
Ribe Bike Tours - Group 3
Ribe Bike Tours - Group 4

Spring Bike News: Pedal-powered start-up in Australia


Hints of spring are popping up everywhere around the old town of Ribe, literally. Below is a cool shot from our good friend Thomas Nielsen, whose photo blog captures daily life around town.


An acquantince from our Shanghai days, Daniel, went back to Australia and started his own bicycle company. We are so thrilled to hear about how his company is going that we wanted to share it here. A pedal powered success story!

Its local, its sustainable and its fun.

Read about EcoCaddy here.




Autumn "Black Sun" phenomenon in Ribe with starling birds

Now is the season for the famous "Sort Sol" (Black Sun) phenomenon around Southern Denmark, especially good around Ribe. This week on a clear evening we biked out at sunset to a great spot to view the action over the marshlands.

Every year 10 - 12 million migratory birds pass through the Wadden Sea and Ribe's wetland areas. For bird watchers in particular, and anyone who appreciates nature in general, it is a real live spectacle!


Can you teach an American how to "hygge"? Ribe Bike Tours reports

The last couple of weeks we had a real "Indian summer" here in Ribe, with Tuesday 13th September reaching a record 29.7 degrees C, becoming the hottest September day in 69 years! We also had the start of the Black Sun phenomenon, when millions of migratory starling birds swarm over the fields at sunset in a crazy magical dance...

The beginning of the season's "Sort Sol" is the perfect opportunity to to jump on the bikes with Ribe Bike Tours and go look for the show in the skies of Ribe

In Search of Hygge-ness with Leela Cyd herself

Ribe Bike Tours finished up the summer season with a very special ride focused on hygge - the kind of hard to translate and uniquely Danish concept of cosyness, good vibes and hanging out. Leela Cyd, a talented photographer and author based in USA's sunny Southern California visited Ribe in search of hygge-ness.

  Leela Cyd is a food, lifestyle and travel photographer and storyteller based in Santa Barbara, California. Check her site  here.     

Leela Cyd is a food, lifestyle and travel photographer and storyteller based in Santa Barbara, California. Check her site here.


Leela is researching the concept of true Danish hygge for her newest book, how awesome is that? We were super excited to show off the most charming and arguably most "hyggelige" town in the world. And we're positive that Leela will learn how to "hygge" - can't wait to read that book of hers!

What a perfect day to finish the season. Scratch an "Indian Summer", we're calling it a "Californian summer"!

Now that's hygge: Picnic with local Frem Æblemost "apple drink" at Kammerslusen by the Wadden Sea National Park

Summer of 2016: Tourists poured into Ribe

The town was really humming this summer as people poured in to check out Ribe's hyggeness. Now it's official: the local newspaper reported visitor numbers have been really strong this year. People just love the place! Read more here.

'Till next time, skål!

The Fascinating History of Danish Viking Kings and how your phone relates you to Harald Bluetooth himself

Anyone who has been to Ribe or done just a tiny bit of research on the old town probably knows that we love vikings here. We love learning about vikings, talking about viking AND dressing up as vikings... Psst: Did you see the photos of the Ribe Bike Tours' founders on Ribe Danhostel's blog last week? Then you'll know what we talk about... Oh yes Ribe Bike Tours is no exception and our City Tours take off from the very spot where the very first town in the Nordic region was founded in around the year 700 A.D. - now the location of the famous museum Ribes Vikinger.

It all began with the vikings and up until today the vikings are still in the blood & in the hearts of many Scandinavian people. And in every mobile phone on the market. Does that sound like a rather strange claim? Let us explain in a short history lesson...

The Viking King With a Blue Tooth & Great Connecting Powers

King Harald Gormsson was the Viking king of Denmark between 958 and 970 and famous for uniting parts of Denmark and Norway into one nation and converting the Danes to Christianity.  He has always been known as Harald Bluetooth but whether that's because of his bad blue tooth or his habit of wearing the most expensive color blue is not known for sure. 

So looking at these simple historical facts we may ask: what does a great Viking king have to do with modern days mobile phones? The answer is that Harald was a uniter! And uniting was exactly what the PC and telecommunication field needed back in the late 90s where non-compatible standards were on the rise among different providers. The field needed a simple and effecient industry-wide standard connectivity. The solution became the technology and little blue icon we all know as Bluetooth.

Bluetooth was borrowed from the 10th-century, second king of Denmark, King Harald Bluetooth; who was famous for uniting Scandinavia just as we intended to unite the PC and cellular industries with a short-range wireless link
— Jim Kardach, Intel engineer

The Bluetooth logo as we know it today is the actual initials of Harald Bluetooth written in Scandinavian runes --> H & B.

History is fascinating ay, namely viking history!

Come join one of our Ribe bike tours and get more fun facts & stories from Denmark's oldest town Ribe.


Cycling Through History and Nature in Scandinavia's Oldest Town

This week Ribe Bike Tours is featured as guest blogger on the news blog of Danhostel Ribe, the local hostel here in the middle of town.

A noticeable trend in recent years is the emergence of sustainable tourism - a worthy topic that is only likely to gain more mainstream attention. People are more conscious than ever about their impact on the environment and society around them. We are proud to be part of that trend.

There's also a profile of the founders of Ribe Bike Tours plus some handy links to more information about the area.

With fresh wind in your hair, the freedom of a bicycle and a great storytelling guide, we think this is the best way to check out any new destination - whether it be a big city, a smaller town or nature. We love showing people around and telling the best local stories, so get in touch when you are planning your visit to Ribe.


 We start in front of Ribe's Viking Museum - where the big story really began. Ribe was founded over 1300 years ago in the Viking Age as a trading town, connecting Scandinavia to the rest of the world.

We start in front of Ribe's Viking Museum - where the big story really began. Ribe was founded over 1300 years ago in the Viking Age as a trading town, connecting Scandinavia to the rest of the world.

The Wadden Sea

A Quick Trip To the Wadden Sea by Bike

This week our guide Leon took a quick ride out to the Wadden Sea. It is a must-do for nature and geography lovers. Located just 7km from Ribe on the west coast of Jutland, Denmark, this crucial body of water was what linked the Viking-era trading town with the rest of medieval Europe. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Area because it is one of the most important feeding grounds for migratory birds - about 10 - 12 million each year - as well as lots of marine life like seals, fish, oysters, crabs etc. It is also popular for kite- and wind-surfing because the wind blows onshore like a hair-dryer almost every day of the year.

For some excellent, extensive further reading on the Wadden Sea, head to the great post from Ribe Danhostel here.

We visit the Wadden Sea on our longer "Town and Nature" afternoon (check it out here). Enjoy the video and we welcome you to come ride with us when you are looking for things to do around Ribe!



Teaser Video for Ribe Bike Tours

This week Ribe Bike Tours is proud to release its latest multimedia project. In collaboration with Kurveholmen Films, the "Ribe Bike Tours" official trailer is now online.

This epic short video gives viewers a taste of what they can expect to see and do when joining in the tours with us.

When looking for things to do in Ribe, Denmark´s oldest and most hyggelig town, join the crew having the most fun, the Danish way - by bicycle!


Ribe Bike Tours Marketing Department

Ribe Bike Tours are Ready to Go!

We are proud to announce that Ribe Bike Tours are ready to go for Summer 2016!

This week, things have been in full swing as we have had our first groups exploring Ribe with us. Thankfully, the weather gods were smiling on us, giving us lots of fresh air and sun to enjoy the smells of summer.

Looking for things to do in Ribe? Then join us for a fun filled, unique experience in Denmark's oldest and most charming town (and thats not just us saying it!)

Ribe for families - if you are traveling with kids, booking our private tours is a perfect way to experience the area as we can customise the tour to suit your needs. Handy!

Book here.

Look forward to seeing you soon. Skål!