The Wadden Sea

A Quick Trip To the Wadden Sea by Bike

This week our guide Leon took a quick ride out to the Wadden Sea. It is a must-do for nature and geography lovers. Located just 7km from Ribe on the west coast of Jutland, Denmark, this crucial body of water was what linked the Viking-era trading town with the rest of medieval Europe. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Area because it is one of the most important feeding grounds for migratory birds - about 10 - 12 million each year - as well as lots of marine life like seals, fish, oysters, crabs etc. It is also popular for kite- and wind-surfing because the wind blows onshore like a hair-dryer almost every day of the year.

For some excellent, extensive further reading on the Wadden Sea, head to the great post from Ribe Danhostel here.

We visit the Wadden Sea on our longer "Town and Nature" afternoon (check it out here). Enjoy the video and we welcome you to come ride with us when you are looking for things to do around Ribe!