The Fascinating History of Danish Viking Kings and how your phone relates you to Harald Bluetooth himself

Anyone who has been to Ribe or done just a tiny bit of research on the old town probably knows that we love vikings here. We love learning about vikings, talking about viking AND dressing up as vikings... Psst: Did you see the photos of the Ribe Bike Tours' founders on Ribe Danhostel's blog last week? Then you'll know what we talk about... Oh yes Ribe Bike Tours is no exception and our City Tours take off from the very spot where the very first town in the Nordic region was founded in around the year 700 A.D. - now the location of the famous museum Ribes Vikinger.

It all began with the vikings and up until today the vikings are still in the blood & in the hearts of many Scandinavian people. And in every mobile phone on the market. Does that sound like a rather strange claim? Let us explain in a short history lesson...

The Viking King With a Blue Tooth & Great Connecting Powers

King Harald Gormsson was the Viking king of Denmark between 958 and 970 and famous for uniting parts of Denmark and Norway into one nation and converting the Danes to Christianity.  He has always been known as Harald Bluetooth but whether that's because of his bad blue tooth or his habit of wearing the most expensive color blue is not known for sure. 

So looking at these simple historical facts we may ask: what does a great Viking king have to do with modern days mobile phones? The answer is that Harald was a uniter! And uniting was exactly what the PC and telecommunication field needed back in the late 90s where non-compatible standards were on the rise among different providers. The field needed a simple and effecient industry-wide standard connectivity. The solution became the technology and little blue icon we all know as Bluetooth.

Bluetooth was borrowed from the 10th-century, second king of Denmark, King Harald Bluetooth; who was famous for uniting Scandinavia just as we intended to unite the PC and cellular industries with a short-range wireless link
— Jim Kardach, Intel engineer

The Bluetooth logo as we know it today is the actual initials of Harald Bluetooth written in Scandinavian runes --> H & B.

History is fascinating ay, namely viking history!

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